Cecilia Vidigal Monteiro de Barros


Motta Fernandes Rocha Advogados
Avenida Brasil 1030
São Paulo,Brazil

Tel: +55 11 3082 9398
Fax: +55 11 3082 3272

Email: ceciliavidigal@mfra.com.br
Web: www.mfra.com.br

Cecilia Vidigal obtained her law degree from the University of São Paulo Law School, achieved a specialisation on international private law at Heidelberg University School of Law in Germany and went on to obtain her LLM and LLD from the University of São Paulo Law School in 1992 and 1999 respectively.

Ms Vidigal is co-vice chair of the international construction projects committee of the International Bar Association (IBA) and chair of the regulatory committee of the Brazilian Institute of Energy Law (IBDE). She is also member of the American Bar Association’s forum on the construction industry.

Ms Vidigal also assists her clients across the entire project spectrum, from commercial drafting to the resolution. She has considerable national and international experience in M&A, infrastructure projects and project-related contracts such as construction and procurement contracts, regulatory issues, public procurement law and dispute resolution and litigation. Her projects experience includes international pipelines, wind farms, co-generation and thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, transmission lines, construction and procurement contracts including EPCs, power purchase agreements, airports, subways, ports, steel manufacturing facilities and other industrial plant contracts.

She is also author of articles on administrative and energy law, including ‘PPPs in Brazil’ in The International Construction Law Review 26, part 2 (London, 2009) and is Brazil correspondent for The International Construction Law Review.

Since it was established in Rio de Janeiro, in 1956, one of the fundamental principles guiding the organization of Motta, Fernandes Rocha – Advogados has been rigorous training coupled with careful selection of new members of staff, thus ensuring that the standards of excellence for which the firm is known are consistently maintained.

The decision to gradually increase the number of lawyers, therefore avoiding uncontrolled expansion, allowed the firm to broaden its activities throughout its 55 year existence.

In Motta, Fernandes Rocha – Advogados, the teams are always organized to address the needs of the clients according to the nature of each individual case, with a view to putting the talents of each member of staff to the best possible use.

Motta, Fernandes Rocha – Advogados opened an office in the city of São Paulo in 1999, to better serve its clients based in that city and the south region of Brazil.